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In here you will find an extensive range of feeds. If your feeding high performing horses or a paddock companion we have something for you. 

Performance Range

Versatile Feeds for your High Performing Horses. Available in 20kg & Bulka Bags

EquinePro Racing Oat Free
EquinePro Racing 
EquinePro Performance

Breeding Range

A wide variety of feeds for all of your Breeding Stock.

EquinePro Developer
EquinePro Stud
EquinePro P.V.M Concentrate

Pleasure Range

Below are feeds that are great for horses that just need

maintenance or are in light work

EquinePro Kool Mix
EquinePro Pleasure

Grains Range

All grains that are included in the Frankling EquinePro Range

are cleaned before manufacture. 

EquinePro Grains 
SR Barley w Mol (1).jpg
Kool Mix  (2).jpg

Let's Work Together

If your looking to start your horses on the Frankling EquinePro Range make sure you contact one of our friendly staff. We have on site nutritionists to point you in the right direction.

EquinePro FibreRite Pellet
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